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Free ATM Placement

A free ATM placement is for high traffic locations looking for a turnkey solution. The ATM Solution will carry out the details required to maintain a reliable and profitable ATM machine. With a free ATM placement, the establishment does not pay for the ATM machine, delivery fee, installation cost, or repair and maintenance services. We will load the cash in your ATM and monitor it remotely to ensure there is always plenty of cash available for your customers. We will also include ATM signage and paper supplies. There is no cost to you. The establishment in turn receives a percentage of the revenue on each surcharged withdrawal which usually ranges from 25%-30%.



ATM Partnership 

If you load the ATM with cash, then we will buy and manage the ATM and split the surcharge revenue with you 50/50. Our merchant-loaded ATM partnership is a minimal hands-on program with no financial commitment, making it a popular option for independently owned businesses that don’t want to make a large upfront investment or the full responsibility of maintenance, but don’t mind cash-loading in exchange for more of the surcharge revenue.






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